the anholt project

A feature documentary film

The Anholt Project

A social experiment on a remote and mysterious Danish Island. For a group of 22 youngsters from 6 different cultures, it becomes a journey into the unknown as they unwittingly create their own micro-society with only three rules:

1. No violence.
2. No drugs.
3. No technology.

Leaving their ordinary lives behind is Marc, a self-described 'Lion' from the island of Mallorca. A Danish boy, Anders, with a nack of getting into trouble and unpredictable Austrian, Bianca who has lost her way.

Accompanied by 19 others, the group know little about what lies ahead on this tiny island in the middle of the Kattegat Sea. Once forest but is now an eerie desert, only 6km across with about 100 inhabitants.

For the group, its quickly apparent that this is no holiday; but a journey inward, forcing them, uncomfortably at times, to deal with situations and emotions they have never encountered before.

The adults who are supervising the experiment cannot interfere; the outcomes are documented by two leading Universities to help inform educational policy across the EU. They must be objective, but some of the youth workers are convinced that total freedom will escalate into a 'Lord of the Flies' revolt.

Feature documentary film
Mark Lomas & Josh Ward
Producer, Director, Lighting & Camera
TV2, Anders Lind & Ronin