manchester based lighting Camera opERATOR & creative director

Camera Operator / RAAM Documentary, California - 2018

Camera Operator / RAAM Documentary, California - 2018



Camera operator
Lighting Tech

Manchester, Bristol &



As a freelance project director, I am the keeper of the story and facilitate the technical, creative and logistical processes of creating a film. It's essential to have a handle on all aspects of production, but when I specialise my skillset and passion naturally takes me towards camera and lighting roles.

I'm slowly gaining experience directing photography with the crew and larger equipment, yet hesitant to use the title DoP (or cinematographer).

I learn through supporting my peers and seniors in direction, camera and lighting roles - it's a chance to level up and learn from professionals doing their best work.

I currently shoot with a Red Scarlet-W but frequently work with - Alexa Mini / Amira, Sony FS 7 / F5 / F55, Canon C300 /200 and various Reds. I have experience with EF stills glass but prefer cinema lenses in both primes and zooms - Cookes, Zeiss/Arri, Canon, Leica and Fuji.

I have lit with multiple 4K HMIs down to low power tungstens such a Dedos.

I am moving away from Kino fluorescent to LED technology, recently using Arri L7/10C and Sky Pannels along with Westcott Flex Panels. Lighting modifiers change to reflect the lights; I like Mathews flags, nets, scrims, ultra bounces and trace frames with various levels of diffusion.

Depending on the shoot I occasionally need to record either on or off camera. I have built up a small sound bag with a Schoeps Colette (MK 41) and a Sennheiser 416 for use on a boom or camera.

In post-production, I edit predominantly with FCPX but have experience with Premiere Pro and Avid. When I grade, I use Resolve Studio. If I mix audio its usually in Logic Pro, Focusrite I/O and Genelec monitors.

Every project is a chance to grow. I get to meet the most brilliant and fascinating people from many walks of life; they continuously challenge me to develop as a storyteller, creative professional and adventurer.



RONIN docs




Ronin is a small documentary production company with large ambitions to produce high end, non-fiction programming for video on demand, television and theatrical release. It's a chance for me to grow as a self-shooting PD while working with larger crews on big stories that resonate with me.

Ronin also produces brand documentaries for organisations wishing to tell their story in an authentic, engaging and artistic cine-doc format.


The Anholt Project - 2014 - Producer / Director
Last Fisherman - 2017 - Producer / Director
RAAM - 2018 - Producer / Camera & Lighting

Producer, Director & Camera Operator / The Anholt Project Doc, 2014

Producer, Director & Camera Operator / The Anholt Project Doc, 2014



self employed




After returning to the UK from the Himalayas, I became self-employed and grew a small production company in Sheffield. 

I produced long-form content and social videos, seeing the company grow to work with clients such as The British Council, E.ON, The Workshop, Learn Direct, Seat and Mercedes Benz. I left the business to pursue two long-term documentary projects which then inspired Ronin.




Camera operator

Oxford, RAF Benson

I was trained as a photographer and Airmen at RAF Halton, RAF Benson and the Defence School of Photography, RAF Cosford.

The training gave me a foundation in helicopter and battlefield operations. Specific training included trauma first aid, NBC attack, leadership, weapons handling, off-road driving, helicopters and bushcraft.

I was honoured to win the JHC award for best photographer in 2010-11 for a series of images produced with 606 Sqn. RAF Benson.

I deployed to N.A.F El Centro USA with a helicopter squadron in 2009, operating in 50-degree heat in the Californian desert. With the support of my CO, I won four awards in 2011, including Photograph and Video Package of the Year in the annual RAF competition. I was asked to work with all forces and considered leaving my civilian occupation to join the service fulltime. However, after loosing-out on a combat camera deployment, I sacrificed a military career to concentrate on documentary production.



WWT / Himalayas

Assistant director

Nepal & India

While working at Apple, I was offered the opportunity to join a small, low budget documentary pilot for a series of trekking films and potentially a 60-minute special for the BBC.

Leaving Apple was a difficult decision, but the first time I saw the sun rising over the Himalayas, I knew it was the right one. I was attached to the project for just under 6 months, and covered 4000km on foot, working at altitudes of up to 18,500ft.

Phalut, India, 2007

Phalut, India, 2007



apple inc.



UK & Europe

Fresh out of university it was a dream job. One of the reasons I studied computer science was to learn more about the future of filmmaking. The cutting of film with a razor blade was on the way out, and Final Cut Pro was in.

Apple and its software was at the forefront of editing, motion graphics, DVD authoring and visual effects compositing. They taught me about software and hardware. But more importantly, how to communicate that information effectively.

I witnessed how big, successful companies operate; how they lead staff, develop ideas, create workflows, manage projects and drive innovation.

My role was to support a professional user-base, working alongside top professionals in photography and video industries. I worked in the UK - London, Sheffield, Birmingham and Manchester, but also Germany and Canada.




art / Computer science applied multimedia tech.


Leeds Met & Barnsley College

I had led a 'misspent' youth taking pictures and making films when I probably should have been revising for exams. Through trial and error, collaborations with friends, finding mentors, reading books, I began developing a basic understanding of visual communication language and technology.

I wanted to study how computers intersect with film production, art, design and the web. Education gave me time to do that. I used my time to develop a showreel and gets hands-on with much high-end equipment as possible.

I managed the college radio station and moonlighted on a local radio station. 

I didn't study for the qualifications, it bought me time to assist on shoots, create my own projects, record live events and produce videos for local organisations such as the South Yorkshire Police and Fire Departments.

Thank you to Gary Taylor, Sam Wilson, Steve Turnbull, John Richardson, Kris Sagar, Dave Richardson, Steve Dee, Stan Lipscombe and especially Darrell Ford for supporting, inspiring and challenging me throughout my education.