Photo by  Seb Franceschi


I'm James, a director, camera operator and cinematographer based in Manchester. I specialise in creating factual content for agencies, brands and production companies. I work on both long and short form projects, usually involving unique characters, powerful ideas or growing social movements.

My work has a strong photographic style, inspired by Magnum photojournalists and reportage photography. I'm a student of cinematic language - adding feeling, intuition, timing and movement to my compositions. I'm at my best when telling authentic, human-focused stories in new and engaging ways. As a documentarian, my work blurs the line between observational and narrative storytelling, utilising, where appropriate controlled action with a high-level production aesthetic to enhance the story.

I have produced and directed two feature docs; my last received a European theatrical release after success on the festival circuit. I recently finished my third feature, shot on location in the USA where I was a producer and Director of Photography.

I strive to develop an emotional response to my work through the idea of connection. That feeling we all get when music, art or a special someone resonates with us. Whether expressed as an adrenaline-fuelled chest-bump, a cascade of goosebumps, a barrel roar of laughter or a simple smile.

I hope my work compels others to understand, feel and act.

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