last fisherman

Award winning documentary film

Last Fisherman

This is the story of a 70-year-old fisherman.
But not any 70-year-old fisherman, the last of his generation.

Malcolm has never left the villages of Kingsand and Cawsand where he was born. He catches fish, crab and lobsters off the Rame Peninsula, only pulling what he needs with little to no waste. He does this using the tools and techniques of generations of fishermen who came before, the same men who taught him his trade.

It sounds like an idyllic life, but its hard work and getting tougher year on year. Malcolm's way of life is under threat. He is getting older. His industry is focused on quantity over quality, where mechanised processes leave no room for pulling posts and shooting nets by hand.

His village, Kingsand/Cawsand is changing into a holiday resort, occupied by the wealthy for a few weeks of the year, leaving the streets dark, cold and without life in the winter.

Once surrounded by friends, colleagues and apprentices his boat store is mostly quiet; a whisper, of an echo of a way of life that is now past. The loss of his skills, stories and experiences weigh heavy.

Despite this, Malcolm is Cornish, and the Cornish endure. Thanks to the support of his family and an unlikely friendship with an Austrian youth worker, hope for the future is nurtured. Not only for the last fisherman of Rame but for a generation of youngsters who are in need of more than a fishing lesson.


Feature documentary film
Cornwall, UK & Innsbruck, Austria
Producer, Director, Lighting & Camera
Leo Kaserer & Ronin


Official selection HoF Film Festival, 2016, Germany.
Winner Coastal Culture Award, Ocean Film Festival, 2017, San Francisco, USA.
fficial selection International Film Festival, 2017, Innsbruck, Austria.
Official selection Plymouth Film Festival, 2017, Plymouth, U.K.
Winner Kodiak Prize, Alaska International Film Awards, 2017, Alaska, USA.
Winner Best Feature Documentary
Toronto Beaches Film Festival, 2017, Toronto, Canada.
Featured on Country File television series, BBC1, 2017, UK.
Official selection, Cornwall Film Festival, 2017, UK.
Official selection, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, 2018, Nevada City, USA.
Official selection, Thunder Bay Festival, 2018, Michigan, USA.
Winner Best Feature Documentary,
Snowdance Independent Film Festival, 2018, Germany.
Celtic Media Festival, Offical Selection, 2018, UK.
Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Official Selection, 2018, France.
Official selection, The International Maritime Film Festival, 2018, Maine, USA.